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Lu Yu & Tea: A Mirror of Soul—Introduction for Santa Fe Opera premiere production of “Tea—Mirror of Soul” by Tan Dun

Sisters Under The Skin: The Languages Of Wine And TeaCopia, Volume 05 Issue 01-02

The Dutch Invent “Orange Pekoe”—Tea Muse, May 2002

Origins of Tea—Article, numerous publications

Reading Tea Leaves—James Norwood Pratt’s commentary, reprinted from Reading Tea Leaves, by a Highland Seer

In the News—Tea Pilgrimage—reprinted from Freshcup Magazine’s Tea Almanac 2001

Tea Sister—Helen Gustafson— A tribute to my dear friend Helen Gustafson, our “tea sister”

Four Thousand Experience Tea At Slow Food NationA Report by James Norwood Pratt, from The Tea Room News, November/December 2008

It was a milestone of sorts in America’s tea history: probably the largest tea party in American history; unquestionably the most sophisticated in terms of the quality and variety of tea served; and beyond sophisticated in terms of the hosts. Some of America’s foremost tea professionals joined together to serve tea at the Slow Food Nation food festival held Labor Day weekend in San Francisco. The three-day event thrilled all involved …

Love the Leaf—Why and how coffee shops should do tea (Originally appearing in August 2007 special double issue)

… Tea, dear coffee colleagues? Aren’t tea and coffee supposed to be rivals? Only in urban myth—the truth is that soft drinks are the main rival of both coffee and tea in the United States, and the good news is that soft drinks are losing ground. Although the coffee boom is old news—not that it’s showing signs of slackening—of late tea is attracting more and more attention in media and public consciousness. The reasons for this are the same reasons coffee purveyors would now be wise to enter the tea market deliberately and knowledgeably …

An Exercise in Excellence
(from TEA – A Magazine as seen in the Spring 2006 issue)
by James Norwood Pratt and Devan Shah

One of us came from Japan, others from Dubai, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Netherlands, US, UK, and two from India. But we agreed unanimously that we had never even heard of any event of the kind so well planned and organized or half so well executed. And afterwards we jurors departed homewards in no doubt we had participated in a significant event in tea history—The Golden Leaf India Awards Southern Tea Competition 2005. …

Addenda to Dictionary.

(JNP hereby repents his Sins of Omission and Signs of Ignorance)

What’s left out? Wrong? Please forgive and email suggested entries and corrections for Tea Dictionary. If possible, I will define (or re-define) terms here and enable them to be up-loaded onto the JNP Tea Dictionary CD. Mea culpa for Inexplicable Omissions like:

Bohea—Java—Nepal—“Tea Master”


~Tea’s Secret History – a Review written by JNP of A Social History of Tea by Jane Pettigrew and Bruce Richardson. Appeared in the JanFeb2014 issue of Tea Time Magazine.

~James Norwood Pratt has a regular column within each issue of The Tea House Times and contributes regularly to continuing education.