Friends of norwood

The 10th Anniversary of the @nwteafestival in Seattle was a splendid affair. Founders Julee and Doug were there at the beginning, believing when no-one else did, and what a success they have wrought. Forty plus vendors from all parts of the globe. We were so happy to see old tea friends, many attending from the start, and meeting newcomers, perhaps their first attendance. Sharing the passion for tea is one of the Joys of life.
Speaking of Joy! We have had a feast of visitors these past few weeks.
First New Yorkers Darlene Meyers Perry (@theteaenthusiastsscrapbook) and Jo Johnson (@agiftoftea), Certified Tea Specialists, who happened to be teaching Tea 101 to Mixologists here in San Francisco. Yoon Hee Kim, who has an exciting new career as a chef and remains very involved with tea, oversaw the tea preparation for their stellar presentation and all three came to visit us at our apartment before heading for the airport.

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